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Obbligato Violin & Guitar
Bob Gatts

Obbligato Violin and Guitar Shop is a retail and repair shop for all your stringed instrument needs: violin, viola, cello and bass; bows and bow rehair; acoustic and electric guitar; ukuleles, mandolins, even a hurdy gurdy.  Bob Gatts has been serving the central Minnesota region (Brainerd, Little Falls, St. Cloud, Bemidji, Park Rapids) since 1979.


Stop by any time and try out a new violin or bow; guitar, ukulele, or banjo! Many accessories for all stringed instruments including strings from all over the world: rosin from Germany, France, and Greece; shoulder rests, chin rests,metronomes, tuners, cases, and guitar stands.  Enter drawing for a free bow rehair or guitar setup (awarded quarterly).


“All Strings Considered”

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